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LuftSinn Packages

The luftSinn engine have been wrapped in several packages for different use cases.


A luftSinn Engine in a Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) system. These systems are compatible with the IEEE 802.3af standard and have been used in Cisco POE-wired facilities operated by George Washington University and the District of Columbia Office of Chief Technology Officer.

"Power Over Ethernet"  allows a remote device  to operate with only one physical connection carrying both communication and power.  It is implemented in many modern buildings' infrastructures and is often used to simplify wiring for telecommunication equipment (i.e., telephones), security cameras, point-of-sale terminals, card-scanners, etc..  A use case for this implementation would  be indoor air monitoring in a building (such as is  used in the luftSinn demonstration unit, described below).


The LuftSinn Demonstration Unit

POE luftSinn units have been packaged into a  case  equipped with a touchscreen display for real time presentation of ambient air quality data.  These units may be used in education and outreach activities, or to serve as an attractive display. Follow this link to see an example of the demo unit in action. [They can even display the slides from your beach vacation when not occupied with climate education!]




Solar Package With Wifi

A solar powered luftSinn system as used in field work and in urban air monitoring.

For both field work in Alaska and in installations planned for the Washington DC metro area, luftSinn engines are enclosed in a weather proof box with an 18 Ah battery and charging circuitry connected to a 20 W solar panel.  In the general use case, data can be streamed in real time to a host via wifi.  In remote locations, data is logged in real time, and can be downloaded remotely in batches.   [In Alaska field work, some of the units are set up as wifi access points.  A user could log onto the hosted SSID and download data logs from the host luftSinn as well as nearby units that were also connected to that network.]

A luftSinn unit in the Solar Package at a field site near Fairbanks, AK.



During field work in Alaska, a luftSinn sensor engine was mounted onto a 3DR Solo quadcopter.  Although limited flight time  is available with this drone (approximately 20 min per battery charge), both vertical and horizontal profiles of CO2 concentrations were obtained at a field site in the Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest. This configuration will provide valuable data in plume dispersion from atmospheric point sources.

Can I buy one of these?

Not yet! But check back soon.

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